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W3AVING W3BS offers fruition birthworking services to innovators, creatives and paradigm-shifters who are incubating projects and ideas. WW offers a 360/365 experience including branding and marketing (long term, social media, and guerilla marketing), models and brand representatives, spiritual advisement, and booking and management services. All of these services are in support of the innovator, creative and paradigm-shifter birthing their project into fruition in a way that is nurtured and nourishing.


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TBN, owner and manager of W3AVING W3BS LLC, grew up in Kenosha, WI - a town with a population that is 82% folks of European descent and a strong industrial work ethic. TBN was born to a family of diasporic African entrepreneurs and working class folks. They worked in their family business since the age of nine. TBN continued working through high school with an impeccable academic record and extracurricular activities. During a health leave of absence, TBN turned to graphic design as a sustenance practice, working in OfficeMax, managing RUSD print shop and several other office and retail positions. After 8 years, TBN graduated from Cornell University with a BFA and emphasis in Africana Studies and Indigenous Studies. Armed with over 18 years of customer service experience, over a decade of being a professional artist, 18 months of homelessness and living nomadically, 5 years of strategic communication with organizations and businesses, 4 years experience representing brands and modeling, and organizing with For Brown Bleeders from 2016-2018, they are birthing W3AVING W3BS.


guiding commitments

Liberation of diasporic Africans  to build sustainable futures for our descendants and communities. 

Flexible, reflective and adaptive services for your changing needs. 

Gently enforcing boundaries as a demonstration of clear boundaries in your world. 

Critical and compassionate questions to do our best to understand each other through the limits of language and English. 

Serving with generosity and kindness as highest priorities.


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